Some of Mark’s classes include (but not limited to)...

Hishi Fusion Takate Kote – Advanced

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This is a hishi front and TK3 rear style harness, and is our current suspension performance harness that complements a woman's shape and focuses the energy on the core.
Not for the faint hearted!

Lotus Seated Suspension – Advanced

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Hajime Kinoko describes this as the most beautiful kinbaku tie of all.
It is a hishi patterned body harness culminating in a seated suspension. This is a 2 part class dedicated to the hishi harness. After the harness is taught it then progresses into a seated lotus suspension.

*image shows the harness only

Erotic Rope Energy

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Erotic rope energy is one of Mark and Lani's most popular classes where they discuss and demonstrate how to bring sensuality and eroticism into your rope play. Join them as they delve into the erotic connection between top and bottom and learn to use your energy to leave your bottom always wanting more...

DV8 Hishi Takote (Hojo Hishi)

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As times change we delve into the creativeness through our rope work, and with more and more emphasis being put on quality erotic floor ties, we find the suspension being put on the back foot. However, this is not because we do not enjoy it, but because, like many, we desire to keep our rope work fresh, new and exciting. Have you ever noticed when visiting clubs, play parties and the like we find ourselves with little or no suspension point. Who wants to wait around all night when you can have your scene right now, wherever you want it, and however you want it, without leaving the ground. This class is inspired by our recent trips to Tokyo, and is your opportunity to learn authentic Japanese floor work, without the flight, and without the direct connections that allow you to be influenced by the biggest names in Japan today.

Yoko Zuri (sideways suspension)

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The art of the Yoko Zuri or Japanese sideway suspension is more than hanging from one side. In this class you learn how to transition from a solely horizontal sideway suspension into numerous positions. The transitions will help your scene flow and balance, without forgetting the beauty a rope scene can hold. Come and learn the details of how to make your sideway suspension a Yoko Zuri.

Newaza to Fly – Advanced

Learn how to take your erotic floor work and enable it to become a full suspension. This is 2 stage suspension where you learn how to understand balance and weight distribution to enable anybody to be tied on the floor, and then when the time is right, be able to hoist them 12 inches or 12 feet into the air.

Kinbaku Kaos – Advanced

Once you have learned the defined Japanese TK patterns it becomes time to unlearn them. This is an advanced class and explores the ability for the rigger to be able to push the boundaries of his/her knowledge and tie in a chaos manner whilst maintaining the basic rules of the TK.

Advanced Hooks

Have you ever wondered what to do with those big shiny hooks that you may have seen about? Well here is your answer. Pussy, arse, nose... Whatever the hole or holes you may choose, they are an impressive tool (loads of fun) and a great mind-fuck too. This workshop is an intermediate to advanced class featuring the use of insert-able hooks in various parts of the body. Learn about the insertion, choosing the right size, depth, and a safe yet pleasurable position. Bring your hooks and leave your inhibitions at the door.

Performance Rigging

"Make them look good and you'll look good"
When Mark was rigging for the first time in Tokyo, Osada Steve gave him a great bit of advice that is the basis of all his performances still to this day. He said, "it's not all about you Mark; make her look good and you'll look good". Interested in taking your rope on stage? What are the differences when rigging for an audience compared to your local bondage club? Learn the art of performing from world class bondage professionals, Mark & Lani of DV8House. Be guided by their years of experience as they discuss all facets of performance rigging.

Polyamory (Mark, Aleni and Lani)

Mark, Aleni and Lani of DV8House talk about their own particular formula to polyamory, what it is, what it is not and how it works for them. This is a discussion class where everyone is encouraged to ask questions and share experiences. The DV8 family will cover topics such as practical logistics, personal space, jealousy, self respect and how things really work behind closed doors. If you've ever been curious, have tried or are in a poly relationship you'll appreciate the DV8House family experience and insight that has been gained over the last decade in the bdsm scene here in Oz and overseas.

Basic Rope Skills
Intermediate Rope Skills
Advanced Rope Skills
Advanced Electrical
Fucking Machines
Forced Orgasm
Hitachi and more
Sounds like fun - girlie pee holes
Play Piercing

Please contact Mark for more information. Whether that be for private instruction or to discuss options for presenting at your event or in your local area.