Some of Aleni’s classes include (but not limited to)...

Guided Meditation Through Rope

A mindful rope experience. This class uses mindfullness techniques while guiding you through a simple rope bondage form. The purpose is to approach the act of rope bondage in a relaxed, controlled manner, become more aware of your own responses throughout the process of rope bondage play and (if you are the Top) project your intention for the play or (if you are the bottom) fully experience the play by being present in the moment.

Take Control with Rope

This class is a hands on workshop directed at the novice and intermediate male and female riggers who struggle with building a scene and topping with rope. 
You might be able to tie the knots but can you use the rope to dominate? You might be a rope bottom but would like to learn how to top with rope, you might be a dom/me who wants to improve their rope skills.
Starting with three different types of restraint we'll explore play scenes to discover where you find your dominance and how to make the scene flow from your top space using your rope bondage skills. We'll find out how to adapt your scene for the bedroom or playparty public space. Taking some rope and learning how to wield it with attitude, to gag and disable the quickest mind using the rope as a pathway to the Top. During the class we'll be using hogties, quick arm restraints, and gags. Once these basics are mastered we'll learn to transition them into predicament bondage and fulfill specific intentions.

Tying up Men for Sex
Predicament Bondage
Facilitating a Rope Scene

Please contact Aleni for more information. Whether that be for private instruction or to discuss options for presenting at your event or in your local area.