Mark De Viate – DV8House

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Mark was born in Sydney to Italian parents on a black Friday in 1963. Having developed a healthy appetite for kink at an early age, and being dominant in all his relationships – Mark officially entered the local scene at 37 to pursue his BDSM interests more fully.

In 2001 Mark established his kink family DV8House, along with his slave Aleni, and began a series of skill shares and monthly house parties that were to continue throughout the next 5 years.

Throughout his life Mark’s personal MO has been to be the best he can be. That philosophy applied to his approach to BDSM set him on the path of education and performance. Seeing the limited opportunities for education in Australia at that time, Mark began sponsoring international kink educators to visit Australia beginning with Midori’s inaugural tour in March 2005. These early ventures helped to establish Australia as a travel destination for many educators and performers.

Mark sponsored the fetish ball L’Erotica in both Melbourne in 2005 and Sydney in 2006. The world class line up of performers in Sydney included Midori, Satomi, Lukas Zpira of France, Zamil & Maliz of Berlin, Lee Harrington of the USA, and of course Mark of DV8House.

Later in 2005, Mark was invited to teach at the inaugural Austin Ropecraft Symposium in the US. This lead to an invitation to present at Shibaricon III (the following year), and became the basis of an annual USA tour for the DV8House family. This annual trip allowed for the opportunity to present classes in cities such as San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle.

Mark is renowned for teaching advanced Japanese rope bondage topics and performance bondage, as well as many other BDSM subjects such as; instruction on singletails, insertable hook suspension, forced orgasms, and polyamory to name a few.

In 2006 Mark first travelled to Japan to tie with his friend Osada Steve. Together they spent many hours in the SM bars in Tokyo, where Steve christened Mark’s particular performance style as ‘Bushwacker Bondage’. That year he also tied at the Gate party for the first time. Mark’s friendship with Osada Steve has had a strong influence on his bondage style and he regularly returns to Japan to keep his skills sharp. In more recent years he has also had the opportunity to tie with Hajime Kinoko after being invited to perform at the inaugural Toubaku in Tokyo. In 2009, Mark together with Lani De Viate (aka flygirl) performed as the headline act of the Japan Fetish Ball for the Tokyo Kink Society.

Mark’s performance style combines his intense sensuality and undeniable dominance with his innate skill. Each performance is a creation of dynamic Japanese rope bondage and breath taking SM imagery that keeps Mark and his partner Lani regularly performing at home and overseas.

Mark currently resides at DV8House, Sydney with his two girls Aleni and Lani.